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Open a restaurant - in style with
Help from BeVintage.

For several years, we have been accompanying restaurant and café founders, supporting them in opening a restaurant.

More than 2,000 new catering businesses are registered in the Commercial Register Office in Switzerland every year. That's a lot for such a small country. However, it is still a dream job, if not a vocation, which is why many are not deterred by it.

The biggest challenge is to stand out from the crowd.
Don't worry about this, because we support you there.

Non-binding & competent.
10+ catering establishments set up
And there are more and more of them all the time.


All prices are without further hidden costs. They include everything from inspection and restoration to delivery to the curb.


Profit from the experience we have made with many other founders. There is hardly a question we haven't answered so far.


Do you want the chairs or tables in a uniform colour? We will take your wishes into account.

Open a restaurant - stand out from the competition

To stand out from the crowd, it's essential to create a welcoming atmosphere that you can't get anywhere else. Guests notice when the owner has made an effort.

Restored, high-quality vintage and antique furniture can be used to create an atmosphere that is unique.

This is where we come in. We have tables, chairs, sideboards, counters, lamps, decorative items and much more to delight your customers. Don't worry about transport or assembly, all prices on the website include all work involved. This means that everything has been checked, refreshed, stabilised and will be delivered to you in the desired room.

Open a café - completely individual

In the past, furniture was made, even for restaurants, that could theoretically last for centuries. The average quality of the past is not comparable to the average quality of today. Take advantage of this potential - we will help you find the right furniture. Even if we don't have the right furniture in stock at the time of your visit. We can use our international network with your ideas and ask other dealers if they have something to your taste.

"Friendly advice. Beautiful furniture. We ordered 40 chairs for our bistrot and wanted many different models. One chair was more beautiful than the other. We are thrilled and can only take our hats off to what you do."

Tanja E.Founder from Basel (BS)

"We needed identical tables so that they could be pushed together when needed. We were aware that this was not necessarily possible with vintage furniture. We decided to combine new cast iron legs from another company with newly manufactured oak table tops from BeVintage. We are very happy with the quality.

Franziska B.Founder from Winterthur (ZH)

"Our little coffee corner in Scuol was beautifully furnished with old chairs and tables. Even when there was a problem with a table, a super solution was found."

Fred C.Founder from Scuol (GR)

Frequently asked questions

It's time to open a restaurant - your restaurant!