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Replace furniture

You're desperate to get a table, a chest of drawers or some chairs on BeVintage, but you're worried about how to get rid of your existing furniture?

We are happy to help you by simply taking the furniture with us and disposing of it for you.

Your advantages:

  • You don't have to rent a van
  • Not organising friends/acquaintances to help you
  • Avoid travel to the disposal site


The costs depend on the following factors:

  • Distance from us to you
  • Whether you or another local person can help carry your old furniture into the van. If not, and the furniture is heavy, we will send another person with you.
  • The weight of the disposed furniture. The disposal point charges per kg, the price per kilo is 40 centimes.


Therefore, it is best to contact us using the form below. We can't tell you the costs immediately on the phone, as they have to be calculated first.