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Arrange a non-binding viewing at BeVintage

We would be happy to welcome you.
Simply let us know when you would like a viewing using the calendar below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a confirmation or rejection.

Monday - Friday
8-17 h

10-16 h

Possible in exceptional cases

Saturdays are generally open, so you can simply drop by without an appointment. For business customers (you are opening a shop, a café/restaurant, for example), an appointment during the week is highly recommended, as individual matters need to be discussed.

Important: The viewing is non-binding, there is no obligation to buy!

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Frequently asked questions

Simply pay via Twint or by credit card. Your details will not be stored.

Expect 4-14 days. Depending on whether something needs to be done to the object, it may take a little longer. But we know that you want it as soon as possible, so we do our best every time so that it can leave our warehouse quickly!

In person, by post or partner company. Depending on size and weight, the right solution is chosen in each case.

Very different. We generally say: from 1700-1980 you can find almost everything here.

What you'll find with us:
- Chairs and tables
- Chests of drawers
- Mirrors
- Decorative articles

What you won't find with us:
- Cupboards
- Old-fashioned furniture

What does stale mean?
When we buy, we make sure that the objects fit a young target audience. That means between 25-50, although of course we have younger and older customers. However, we have a relative target audience that has not necessarily ever bought antiques before. But today's zeitgeist is increasingly moving away from mass-produced items without soul and spirit and more towards time-honoured, handcrafted objects.

This is where we come in. Because of their age, our clientele usually wants uncomplicated but timeless furniture. Slim and not bulky. Easy to combine with modern elements. Warm colours and quality material like oak or walnut. We buy our goods according to these aspects. If you like this selection, you should definitely visit us.

You will find all the information you need under the menu item "Purchase". We have to reject most of what is offered to us. We have a certain style that we would like to offer our customers, 90% of the offered goods do not fit into it. But maybe yours does, an enquiry costs nothing and will be answered in any case.

No, absolutely not. It is more important to us that you are satisfied. You would have to pay for the return shipment. However, we will organise it for you.

Of course. You can make a reservation via email, Whatsapp or by phone.

Yes, contact us for this. We often rent to companies that set up film sets or to photographers.

Further questions?